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Nathalia Delgado

Nathalia Delgado Nachtigall, traveler, director and photographer.

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in the USA. She returned to her country as a teenager, which exposed her mind to different realities and cultures. She studied Communications and Film, worked 8 years as a Creative in J. Walter Thompson and obtained several awards, including the New York Festival, the Gran Prix, Fiptour, Brazil and Festival de Gramados, Spain.

She has traveled extensively on her own, writing and photographing both for commissions and personal projects. Nathalia's journey has taken her to more than 38 countries, including all of South and Central America, most of the Caribean, all Western Europe, India, Nepal, Turkey, Morroco, Hong Kong Japan, Russia, Scandinavia, Polynesia, Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and USA.

As a result of her great interest in different cultures and the diversity of her country's amazing heritage. Nathalia creates Odisea Terra, producers of "Rostros de América", discovering through the eyes of its own people, their unique perspective of the world.
Nathalia is actively involved in several social works, including a project to benefit people and places throughout this journey.

She is a filmmaker with a journalist mind and the spirit of a restless traveler.

Nathalia now lives between Peru and The Bahamas with her family.

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